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Small Space Creations is a company specializing in making growing wreaths ,that will beautify any home.

They look as if they are miniature gardens,full of diferent textures.

We specialize in any kind of wreath, like:

succulent wreaths, flower wreaths,all green wreaths,mixed wreaths

Small Space Creations is based in the beautiful San Diego Area.

We use only fresh cuttings for our wreaths,and they are made in a unique technique,that our competitors don't use, this is to ensure that the wreaths will continue to grow.

This species of succulent we use are:Multicolored Lithops, Pachyphytum oviferum ,Portulaca grandiflora, Sedum kimanachi,Sedium morganianum, to name a few.

These growing wreaths will beautify any home. This wreaths will give anyone years of enjoyment and pleasure.

They come in many themes you can choose on,like: Colorful wreaths,Herbs (in season),Holiday,Edible, all green wreaths, spices wreath,heart wreaths ,mixed wreaths or succulent wreaths.

Below are just a small sample of what we can make. You can click on the thumbnail. to view a more detailed image

img1 img2 img3 img4 img5 img6 img7 img8 img9 img10

Why spend a lot of dollars in useless gifts,give the gift of nature

You can pick the theme of your growing wreath. These growing wreaths are made for any occasion ,like:

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